Liquid Applied Roofing Systems

Suit all types of Commercial Structures

Our commercial Liquid Applied Roofing Systems are more durable and energy-efficient than ever, allowing our roofing experts to deliver high-performing results for lasting roof construction on all commercial projects.  We take the time to fully discuss with our clients all of their choices in order to ensure you get the best roof system for your building.  Plus, you will be buying more than just a roof from us; you will be buying peace of mind, knowing we will be there to service or repair your roof when you need it.

Warehouses, Apartments, Condominiums
Banks, Churches, Schools
Stores & Markets
Industrial Buildings & More

Peace of Mind

GAF doesn't just claim to to be committed to superior products and results, they stand behind it by offering the most comprehensive warranties in the market.

Warrenties from 10-20 years
Covers all Labor, Materials, and Workmanship

Why Choose GAF Liquid Applied Roofing?

Trusted Construction has aligned itself with the GAF, the worlds largest Roofing Product Manufacturer.  For us the choice was easy, as GAF is always on the cutting edge of roofing technologies, and are the industry leaders in Liquid Applied Roofing Systems.  This allows our clients to rest easy knowing that both their contractor and the product manufacturer are committed to lasting quality and performance.