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TCI offers roof moisture leak detection means to identify problem areas for our clients and projects.

Properly obtained and analyzed data and information gathered from these surveys can assist with determining quality of workmanship for newly placed construction, any compromise to performance or life span for existing buildings, potential problems, compromising leaks, and energy savings. Comprehensive Nondestructive Roof Moisture Surveys can assist property managers and building owners to find roof problems both before or after they manifest as an operating defect.

When a roof is showing signs of leaking, or is close to reaching it’s lifecycle, it is imperative to perform a moisture survey due to the high cost of replacing damaged roofs. Utilizing infrared aids in developing a sufficient roof maintenance plan, budget forecasting, and knowledgeable decisions when repairs or replacement is necessary.

Benefits of a Trusted Construction Roof Inspection/Evaluation
  • Non-destructive.

  • Readings up to 6 inches in depth.

  • Non-destructive measurement of moisture conditions in  concrete decks, measurement of moisture conditions in wood decks, and ambient relative humidity and dew point conditions.

  • Leak tracing, problem sourcing and an instantaneous and clear indication of roof condition.

  • Fast and accurate readings over large roof areas in a short time frame.

  • Faster and more user friendly than nuclear meters.

  • Ability to Measure up to 6.9% Moisture Content in Concrete.

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