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  • Liquid roofing has many advantages, making it a superior alternative to other roof membrane materials such as felt, asphalt and single-ply. It’s main features and benefits are:


  • Seamless waterproof membrane – no other roofing membrane can boast this feature. Liquid roofing is joint-free. No joints = no leaks. Total waterproofing.


  • Incorporates every detail – liquid roofing reaches the parts other membranes can’t! Because it’s a liquid it can be readily applied to any detail on the roof – be it a pipe or plant – incorporating it, seamlessly. Try doing the same with felt or single ply!


  • No hot works – liquid roofing is a cold-applied process. This eliminates the hazards and inconvenience of using hot applied systems and means buildings can be occupied and operational during installation.


  • High elasticity and film strength – Capable of withstanding natural roof movements without splitting or shearing.


  • Vapor permeable – Allows moisture vapor within the building to escape.



  • Easy to maintain – Systems achieve excellent through life costs.